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Full Version: Volunteer wanted for testing of DARK SCREEN FIXING
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We now get a patch of fixing dark screen issue, want one volunteer to have a test.
(01-10-2017, 06:10 AM)Alina Wrote: [ -> ]We now get a patch of fixing dark screen issue, want one volunteer to have a test.

I can test in 3-4 hours.
very nice, if you have also patch for green/pink screen.
I can test in a few hours too. We are talking about the screen brightness issue, don't we?


This is good news that many users have been waiting for.

I have also posted your request at my Nexbox Facebook group asking for beta testers. suggest more than one tester though , as in making a "fix" , you do not want to "beak" for all those people that do not have this issue.

Please can you keep us informed on the progress of this fix and also the other serious bug where users cannot get out of creating a "restricted profile" (once created)

Thanks for your help - working together , we can make Nexbox a much better product.


To Volunteers:

Please do test both situations. I mean those videos that play perfectly right and those that some scenes (or whole movie) is dark.
In my usual kodi experience I find 95% movies & videos with perfect playback, 5% with either some dark scenes or whole movie that need the "fix" of playing the test file.
Especially in videos and LiveTV the percentage is 100%, none with dark issue.
*Those are from an A1 box though.

So it would be nice if the 95% is not affected at all and not degraded by going to fix the 5%.
So please do test all situations and post the results based on if something is fixed nothing gets bad.
As doing the "test file fix" on a normal movie you can see the quality is degraded.

My point is that the dark scenes issue got a big dealĀ  although there is a fix and there might be a step backwards going to fix that and get bad the whole performance.
May all be good and both the dark scenes gets resolved while overall performance remains the same!
More or less i agree and i with @spiros on this!
I agree , think more than just one person should be involved in the beta testing. Otherwise the "fix" may "break" this for those people that do not have this issue..
There are rumours that kodi 17 rc3 fixes this issue, can somebody confirm
Thanks for the sharing.
Sounds interesting, I will finish the test.