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Full Version: Device lost analog sound from AV jack
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Hello, please, help me, what i can to do with my prolem. My A95X 1+8GB has stopped playing sound from the AV jack, but video signal from jack working! I was try flashing 2 different firmwares (NEXBOX-A95X_S905X_8189etv_8g1g_kodi_addons_160805 and cyx_NEXBOX-A95X_S905X_8189etv_8g1g_simpleTVMC_170324_SD_USB) but it did not give a positive result. Whats may be wrong, problem on physical level or no? How i can check it. Thanx!
PS Sorry for my english...
The first check is to change another cable with another jack!
This was done first...anything else?
Did you try a pair of headphones ?
Also , did you tried sound settings ?

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