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Full Version: App installation failures
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I'm a kinda new to this system
I had a JetStreamBox for a while, but it wasn't working so I've upgraded.

However after the initial set up, I can't seem to install any apps.   They start to download, then just stop, and say download failed, with no explanation as to why.

I checked the wi-fi connection, and it's listed as excellent.   But I can't even use the browser on the home screen.

Am I missing a step in the setup?

Thank you for any help

Welcome to the Nexbox world....

There is "no missing step" here that you are not doing. Even though your Wifi appears to be OK , it sounds as though its not functioning correctly. For initial setup (if you can) try plugging in your device to your router via its RJ45 connection. at least that way , it will prove that your problem is the Wifo connection and not something else..