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Full Version: a95x Crashing
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Hi, my Nexbox keeps crashing and turning off.  It used to restart.   Then it just started to a coloured screen, needing the power plug to be pulled.  Now it just stays off, until i pull out the power cord and reinsert it.  It mostly happened with Kodi, and upgrading Kodi to 7.3 did'nt help.  It had all the current Android updates.  Even doing a factory reset has'nt helped.  Any ideas would be great thanks
Gah i have a feeling its the actual power cord or the boxs power connection. Most likely with my fiddling with it its the cord :/
So try to find another similar power adaptor and see what will happened !
same here
I changed adapter but everything got worse since than.

I thing prolems isn't the cord, it is power jack-in itself. What do you suggest?
I would do another FULL FACTORY RESET, but, before that unplug all Modems, Computers and leave off for at least 1 minute.  Restart Modem only, then do a FULL factory reset.  Try that.