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Full Version: Kodi close difficulty
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can anyone confirm this?
Whenever I try to close Kodi (tvmc) app and the exit window confirmation appears, I have to press and long press and long-long press (I think I will soon have ok button off). Some times seems that the close process is slow, some other that is not responding.

1/8g box with the latest firmware.
Try to deactivate one by one the installed plugins to see which one causes this problem !
Regards !
(06-24-2017, 09:28 PM)gatos814 Wrote: [ -> ]Try to deactivate one by one the installed plugins to see which one causes this problem !
Regards !

Thanks for the reply.

Some more details:
The problem existed from the beginning with the previous firmware, but not with kodi 17, which I had it installed for some time before I factory reset the box. So my first thought was kodi 16.1. But if its only my box, I think it's harder to find the problem.
Try FTMC !
(06-25-2017, 07:00 PM)gatos814 Wrote: [ -> ]Try FTMC !

With all respect I will not open a new door of chaos in order to handle nexbox's chaos. Wink

Honestly I think there is a looong way till the day these boxes become as they should be for customers.
Till that day a 'workaround' is to shut off the whole device instead of kodi!
It is surely faster and you keep remote control in good shape! Smile
Ftmc is a fork Kodi and it's working 100% smooth with Nexbox !
I'm using it for a long time now on my A1 (version amlogic 24) !
Also there is a n app called Terrarium TV (no kodi) which you'll find it very usefull !
New findings:

a) 16.1 Kodi close difficulty is finally just a long process to finish, so someone has just to wait passionately to complete. Wireless mouse helped me to realize this. 

b) Terrarium TV has 2 cons:
- Ads, however I understand that everything has a cost and I can live with them but,
- subtitles only from which is for me (Greek) unacceptable. I had a test with an episode and the subs were machine translated (yes, you smile or laugh when you read them and you don't understand a word Smile  ). It should give the chance - like Kodi, to declare your choice of subs (like and by for Greeks).