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Full Version: Netflix app
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How can I scroll episodes' part of window?

Let's say I want to see episode 15 of season1-see attached photo. What I do now is go to the last I see on screen (ie episode 9) move it to the end so it brings me next (ep10), etc till ep15. Frustrating...

What I have tried:
1. remote control with and without mouse - I'm sure buttons will soon go off.
2. uninstall netflix app of nexbox to install it from google play but this app is not for my device...Why this?

TIA for any thought

>>>>PS: To whom may be of interest, there is no problem with the use of a wireless mouse!
You just left drug the episodes' window and all the episodes are shown!
By the way I think that the use of a wireless mouse is a must; a lot faster than remote control, with much more capabilities. I wonder why I haven't use it from the beginning.