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Full Version: Nexbox main menu - user interface
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Since Nov 2016 I have purchased approximately 30 NexboxA95X ( S905X ) and they all have the same main menu/user interface . This week I purchased another and it has a different user interface similar to what the Dolamee's have. It has the main box icons and then a row of icons on the bottom. How can I change to the interface on the left with the 5 tabs - Home, Recommend, Online, Local and Settings. I guess I am trying to find the launcher. Thanks.

Thanks - I'll try tonight.
I loaded this launcher and after it is installed, at the point where you get the messages "Done" and "Open", I only had the option to choose "Open" as "Done" was grayed out.  Regardless, I re-booted my box and got the option to open with the Smart TV launcher which I did and got the error message "Smart TV failed to open".

I found a newer version of the Smart TV launcher on one of my other Nexbox's and tried that version with the same result.
The only way to change it is after rooting your tv box and replacing it with this smart tv.apk using a root browser !
Thanks for the help but I guess I will stay with the UI. 

My box is rooted and and I did try to install the smart launcher.apk thru the root browser but I get the partition error message so it will not install. When I install thru file manager it does seem to install but when I go to System Settings I do see both launchers as options but Smart Launcher is grayed out.

Previously I tried to load an apk thru root browser ( Live Net TV ) and also got the partition error message but when I loaded thru file manager it loaded and works fine so maybe my root browser is overly selective.
First of all you must have superuser installed for full access!
Now try to install another launcher from play store (nova launcher e.g) and choose it
Then go to settings->apps and stop the smart tv launcher
And finally do the replacement with a root browser!
Good luck!