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Full Version: Screen Resolution ISSUE
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Hi there to all, and thanks for visiting my topic Wink . Im a new member here from Portugal and i hope im in the right section,

Im looking to get a bit of expertise from the good knowledgeable people here, I own a A95X android 6.0 nexbox which im trying to connect to my fairly recent Samsung Syncmaster 920nw through this adapter    (as it is a non HDMI LCD monitor)

However every time i turn on the monitor it says Resolution not supported, reccomended screen mode: 1449x900, 60HZ

Im running windows xp on my PC and it works fine, resolution there shows already as 1449x900 and 60HZ in the display of control panel.

Anybody having the same issue or with any good recommendation on how to possibly fix it or its just impossible ? Opinions are welcomed

all the best 

No opinions around of more experience that can give out a liittle hand and help around here ?

Thanks in advance
Try changing your monitor settings to 1920 x 1080 then it should display the hdmi content.