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Full Version: Hello everyone new user and old problems... probably
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Hey everyone.  

I recently decided to try out this unit.  

1.  I installed showbox app.  Video works great, but interface doesn't work with standard controller.  Another controller that would fix this? 

2.  installed addons for 1channel and showbox, in the TVMC app.  Neither will load a video.  Showbox addon just comes back with error, when link clicked.  1channel asks me to click link (vitzi, etc...), then comes up with another box to select which version (only one versions to select), then just comes back with nothing.

3. Do other people have an issue with the video glitching a bit?

4. what's the best option for live tv.  There are some embedded apps, but they appear to be subscription schemes. Not entirely opposed to that.

thanks everyone.
Uninstall TVMC if you want to test and install from playstore the latest KODI 17.5...
Maybe this will solve your issues!
Thanks for the suggestion. I deleted tvmc and installed Koki 17.5.

When I launch 1channel, i get "import failed metahandler" Haven't tried showbox yet. Addon installer crashes every time i try to use
I don't use neither of these addons so i can't say.....
But i think in some maintenance tools in Kodi you will find fixes for the 1channel addon!