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Full Version: A95x s912 A3 fake 4k
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Hi, i'm new here !
sorry for my english, its not my native language but you can help me if is really incomprehensible.

so, i have this A95x S912 about 3 mouth and i have try a lot of thing to get a fullscrean 4k but its not...

When i play a 4k 2160p i have a black bar to the top and the bottom and a noise to the picture, but its say "2160 x 1440"
If i play a 1080p i have a fullscreen.

When i go to Kodi and i go to " display " i see 1920 x 1080 " without possibility to switch.
If i go on youtube, the maximum resolution is 1080p even on 4k video test.

But if i play the same movie with a nvidia shield ( not mine but friends ) its playing fullscreen when i play a 4k movie on the same TV ( mine )
And there is a 2160p option on youtube, and a switch possibility on display Kodi.

So, my question is, i have buyed a fake 4k box or can i find some help to solve this problem ?.

Thanks for all
Almost all of these tv boxes (there are and expensive exceptions of course!) are DRM limited so the highest resolution on Youtube is 1080p!
Now for playing local 4k archives try the mx player or Kodi 17.6 for beter results!
And finaly there are some 4k plugins on kodi which ''have'' 4k resolution movies and working very nice (if you have a good &fast internet conection!)
Thank you for your answer !
Currently i already use kodi 17.6 but 4k videos still is 1080 with upscall :/
But i'm still in 6.1 maybe i can try a 7.0 upgrade...
Use a keyboard and while playing a file with kodi push ''O'' for streaming infos!
Thx Gatos814 !
So, when i press "O" on a videos 4k test, titled " world in 4k hdr " its on full sreen and i see 3 840 × 2 160.
this video is coded with a VP9 and color and refresh is perfect.

When i play a movies in 4k i have 3 840 × 2 160 too but with a black bar and noise. but this is a Hevc 265
so i think my Nexbox can read a true 4k in VP9 but use a upscall for other format :/