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Full Version: New designs, which one you like BEST?
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New designs, which one you like BEST?
Just reply 1, 2, or 3. Thank you!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=60]
2 is still good.
A difficult choice because they all look pretty good, but 1 is my preference.
You can do a poll (Admin). 2 is my preference.
2 and then 3. Three does stand out from all the other TV boxes that are around but MAY not fit in with peoples color schemes in their houses..
I like 1 the best then 2 and I dislike 3.
I got a data from facebook, and 60% people liek silver one.
how do you think?
1 and 2 suits in most living rooms!

I like the silver one too.
I like the silver one but the yellow one is funky too...maybe for a man cave to stand out and the silver one is great too as so many tvs are silver nowadays like samsung and will blend rite in....maybe make an interchangeable unit...
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