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  Warranty support
Posted by: djlcraigslist - Yesterday, 10:51 PM - Forum: DOLAMEE D9 - Replies (1)

Is there any warranty on these units? If so, how can I get warranty help?

I went to turn mine on a couple of days ago and...nothing appears on the screen (and my TV says 'No signal').
- Lights do appear on the box when I plug a network cable in, so it does have power.
- I also tried a different HDMI port on my TV, a different HDMI cable, and a different power supply. Same issue remains.
- I also tried a different S912 box that I have and it works correctly on my TV on the same HDMI port, with the same HDMI cable, and with the same power supply, so the problem is definitely in the Dolamee D9 box.

I found instructions online for how to update the firmware via USB, however, when I plug the box into my PC via USB I get "Windows does not recognize the device (USB descriptor request failed)".

I think the box is really broken.



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  Yundoo Y8 virtual keyboard problem
Posted by: neilus1999 - Yesterday, 12:41 PM - Forum: YUNDOO Y8 (RK3399) - No Replies

Hi all Smile  any fix fox this problem yet?  mine arrived 3 days ago and still cant see keyboard.. yes I have tried clearing cache ..downloading another KB but still nothing. Plus anyone having problems with popular 2 tv/movie apps? mine keeps saying cant play video..is this a Y8 THING?  They do play on my other units..Thank you neilus1999

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  Replacement remote for A95X
Posted by: JTDFW - 07-23-2017, 11:41 PM - Forum: NEXBOX A95X (S905X, Android 6.0) - Replies (3)

I searched on eBay for a stock replacement remote for my NexBox A95X. I want one just like the one that came with it (blue buttons). The problem is that most of them I found list all sorts of NexBox models as being supported, but don't specifically list the A95X. Will any of these work?  Does someone have a link to one on eBay or elsewhere that supports the A95X?

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  YUNDOO Y8 TV box. Total disappointment.. !
Posted by: Carlito - 07-23-2017, 06:49 PM - Forum: YUNDOO Y8 (RK3399) - No Replies

I'm sorry for who bought this this tvbox a firmware full of unresolved issues I had to sell it for much less than half when I paid for desperation YUNDOO support and no Android 7.1 for the Rockchip 3399 will never be updated to be clear to everyone ....!   Sad

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  how to remove shortcuts from d5 android 6 firmware update?
Posted by: adamf2017 - 07-23-2017, 03:35 PM - Forum: DOLAMEE D5 - Replies (1)

is there anyway to uninstall the download shortcuts to netflix, youtube etc. when i click on it and accept terms and conditions theres just a circle spinning around in the middle of the screen and it does nothing. when i try to install youtube app it fails im assuming its because of the shortcut.

thanks in advance

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Posted by: RustyWar - 07-22-2017, 10:00 AM - Forum: DOLAMEE D5 - Replies (5)


I have a app that I'm trying to run but it claims I need to turn allshare off but I am unable to figure out how

Any help is appreciated 

Thank you


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  Cannot find Link to Firmware 2GB + 16GB
Posted by: Dolalee - 07-20-2017, 10:31 PM - Forum: DOLAMEE D5 - Replies (1)

Could anyone point me to a link for the latest firmware for the 2GB model?

All of the links in the stickys are dead and I have December 2016 firmware.

I am looking for April 2017 or later.

Also, is it possible to flash this using Ubuntu?

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  Get Retro Gaming With Lakka
Posted by: BurnedOutStreetLight - 07-19-2017, 07:52 PM - Forum: NEXBOX A95X (S905X, Android 6.0) - No Replies

I have been playing around with Retro Pie for a little bit. Enjoying some classic games and nostalgia. I then stumbled upon Lakka. Lakka seems to be a RetroArch OS, and there is a build for 905 based devices. I decided to dive in and see what I could do. I came across the good guide written by DanielZanchi here How to install LibreELEC and it got me poking around.

Things you will need
A supported device.
The Lakka image for selected supported device
(Get the image here)
Lakka supports 802,805,905 boxes

A Micro SD Card
A USB Game Controller
A USB Keyboard

Prep Work

First download the image. Then use something like 7zip to extract the image from the downloaded file. After that open LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Win32. Go to step two and click select file. Change the file type drop down menu to all files. Locate and select the Lakka-S905.arm-2.0 img file you just unzipped

Go to step three and select your target device. I am using a 32GB Sony Class 10 Micro SD card. You might be able to use a card over 32GB if you format it to fat32 first. However in my Raspberry Pi experience not all brands and sizes of cards play nice when formatted fat32. Make sure you select the correct target device you want to write to. If not you’re going to have a bad time. When you are all ready to go head down to step four click Write then Yes. You can also use Win32DiskImager and possibly Etcher to burn the image onto a Micro SD Card

On The Device Side

Running From the SD Card
See next bold for install.

Pop your card into your device and power on. When you first boot you will be greeted with a self partition give it a few moments and you will be booted into RetroArch. I then plugged in a PDP AfterGlow Xbox 360 controller and it did not seem to work. I then plugged in my generic off brand Xbox 360 controller and was able to navigate the menu. The first thing I did is to go the the input settings and swap the Okay/Cancel button so that A is Okay and B is Cancel. I then change Menu Toggle Gamepad Combo to Start+Select so this will make it the same combo to get out of a game as the Pi.

DO NOT try to update Lakka if you are going to be running it from the SD card. I tried this about 4 times and ended up breaking the SD Card install each time.

Then go down to WiFi and connect to a network. You can use a USB Keyboard or the on screen keyboard to type your network password in. Lastly go down to Services turning both SSH and SAMBA on then reboot. Turning SAMBA on will show the device on your home network as LAKKA allowing you to drag roms and other files onto the device.

Once the device boots back up move over to your PC and find LAKKA on your home network then go to the roms folder create a folder and name it after a console then drag your rom files onto it. Then move back to your device. Scroll over to the last menu, select scan directory, select the folder you created with the roms in it, and then choose scan this directory. Give the box time to go through the files. The more roms you have the longer this will take it will show you the progress of the scan in yellow text on the bottom corner of the screen.

Once this is done there will be a new menu to the far right with an icon that looks a little like the system you just scanned. Go to the menu, find the game you want to play click it and then click run. If you have more then one emulator for one system you will get a menu after run asking you what Core (emulator) to run the game with select the emulator you want to use and then you should be all good to go. When you are done playing press Start and Select together on your controller to bring up the menu and select another game.

Internal Installation

Once the box is booted up make sure you are connected to your network. Go to services and enable SSH. Once enabled go to your PC and open an SSH connection. For SSH username and password are both root. Now that you are SSHed into the box type installtointernal then type yes. It will then ask you to install user data to internal I also typed yes for this.
I left the card into to leave room for games.

Even after installing to internal trying to update through the XMB will cause the device to fail to reboot. I am still not sure why.

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Tongue T6 S905X Netflix Problem
Posted by: cyberkool - 07-19-2017, 01:51 AM - Forum: General - Guides and FAQ - Replies (3)

I have a s905x t6 which has android 7 and the netflix application preinstalled last version (also proves it with version 4.6). When I access netflix I can enter the menu without problems, select a movie or series, but when I play a movie or series the sound works normally but the image looks black. Anyone know what happens?

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Information Problems with the image!
Posted by: vinimorelli - 07-18-2017, 11:58 PM - Forum: YUNDOO Y6 - Replies (7)

Ola pessoal. Preciso de ajuda com a minha TV Box YUNDOO Y6.
Comprei recentemente e nos anúncios e configurações dele, indica que a qualidade da imagem é 4K, mas em meus canais IPTV e NetFlix, a imagem não é mesmo 720p mas um máximo de 420p.

PS: Em todas as configurações, a resolução está no máximo! 1080p 60hz.


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