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  Hiding Text in .xml Files .. Helps with Kodi Mods.
Posted by: X-XKA - 01-14-2018, 02:13 PM - Forum: Kodi and Kodi Add-ons - No Replies

Hiding Text in .xml Files .. Helps with Kodi Mods.

I'm Sure Lotsa you Guys @tvb Will Know This.
It's aimed at Members Who'd Like to Excel beyond the Q&A stage.

I'll show 2 Methods I Use.. Simply because Both Don't Marry Up
Depending Upon the Areas You're Modding..

When You're Modding (Let's Say) the Color of your Skin.
You'll be Working with Strings & Color Hex Code.. EG: invalid">FFFF0000</color
Which of Course is the Code for the Word "red" (FF0000). Written more
Popularly Using a Hash-tag (#) with 6 Digits. My EG is using 8 Digits..
The two Leading FF's are Alpha Control.. "Opacity".
So.. >22FF0000< would be a very Opaque red.. Almost a Mucky Pink.
Incidentally.. 00000000 is Black / FFFFFFFF is White. A Large Spectrum..!!
Any Combo of 0-9 with A-F.... Wow... Just worked it out in my Head..
... "NO" ... I Won't.. But It's a Lot. titter.

You have to Believe me when I Say that Some Skins are Monsters lol.
So It's Necessary to Keep Notes.. But Not in Notepad ha haaaaa..!!
You Want your Notes in the Sheet You're Working On... BUT you can't
Test Your Code While all your notes are In There. Kodi will Try to Read
It as Part of that File. So I Hide my notes from Kodi with a Method Called.
"Edit Out" or "Editing Out"...

Wrap Your Notes Between Tags.. Those Being..... <!-- -->

You can Hide Words, Sentences or Paragraphs.

<!-- KODI WILL NOT SEE THIS SENTENCE... rasp. lol -->


<!-- OR
ONE -->

Another Way to Hide Words & Sentences Is the Hash-Tag (#)
Very Useful In Listings & Menus.. And of Course m3u Files.
Start a Sentence with # And Kodi Can't Read It... UNLESS..
You Drop a Comma In There.. (,)


Is Unreadable by Kodi.. Until I Drop a Comma in So that Kodi can
Read My Title & the Source URL

#EXTINF:-0, 01 MBC2

Will be Seen & Listed by Kodi as....

01 MBC2

G'luk If you Try Modding or Writing m3u's
Some of my Example Code Is Incomplete.
Due to me Posting Into an html Page.. Tx

I Could have Used [code] tags. But Didn't.

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  Install & Backup (Clone) Kodi in Record Time.. Flawlessly..!!
Posted by: X-XKA - 01-14-2018, 03:47 AM - Forum: Kodi and Kodi Add-ons - No Replies

Install & Backup (Clone) Kodi in Record Time.. Flawlessly..!!

To Do my Method.. A Kinda Clone.
- Grab Your .apk.. Lets Use Krypton v17.6 (avail @mirrors)
- Have a Clearout of Android Sys. You Don't want Conflicts.. ReBoot.

The Path to Our Target after Install
/0/Android/data/ "org.xbmc.kodi"

Personally.. I hide every other folder in /data/.. 'cept the Target.
Desktop S/cuts to the Target & Files Within = Quick Access.
Oh BTW.. My File man is ES.

Install Kodi as you Would any Other App. Let your Sys Get It's Breath.
Launch Kodi... If you Want to Watch the Whole "initial" Process.. Well.
I Make a Brew & Wait 10mins.. No Rush.
The Process Only Takes 5min.. But. Lets be Sure..!!

All Apps/Peripherals on Board... Time for 1st Backup.
Go to your Target Folder "org.xbmc.kodi"
Zip It.. Rename to 01.. That is Stage 1 (Inst/BkdUp)

Back Into Kodi.. Select Your Skin & Totally Config.
Go make Another Backup.. Name it 02

Save a (Copy) of 02 Backup On Ext Source.
You've put a Lot of Time in with That Skin.
If you Screw Up From Here In. You Can Allus get Back
>>To Where you Were<<
A N D .. You Always have a Basic Install at Hand.

Now You can Install a Repo & Some Addons..
HAPPY... Make Another Backup.. 03

If You Do this at Major Stages Throughout... You're Safe.

So Ok... You've got Your System to Your Liking.
Take a Final Backup & Keep It Safe.. Rainy Days Happen.

If Kodi Updates Tomorrow..??
Let the System Settle. Make Sure All Ok.. Backup.
Rename Backups by Date now EG: 14jan.zip
Save Backups Externally.. Delete Which ever Stages You Don't Want.

HOW TO RESTORE.. Without Suckin' an Egg..!!
Close Kodi...
Sooooo.. You've Goofed Up... No Probz Dude.
DON'T just go to /data/ Folder and Delete "org.xbmc.kodi"
There's a Reason... It's Techy so Just Believe Me.

"Clear Data"
Till Data & Cache Show 0

Find your Backup/ *blah*.zip
Extract To:
Point It to... 0/android/data
And Click the ”AVVIT" button..

Make a Backup EVERY day Before Launching kodi.
If Any Updates go ding-dong During Launch.. YUP..!!

You Make Any Changes... Backup.
Don't Like the Changes... Restore Last Backup.

YES.. There Is/Are Backup Progs With/For Kodi
But I've seen Too many "Head in Hands" with Glitches etc.
My method Is a Clone.. A Like for Like.

Try Different Versions of Kodi with Different Skins.
Keep a Clone. You can Chop & Change at your Leisure.

- Install on Another Droid. Your Whole Package.. 5mins.
- Go Back... To Where you Were..!! .. 5min

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  All (Singin' n Dancin') Kodi - Lets Lighten It Up..!!
Posted by: X-XKA - 01-13-2018, 02:55 PM - Forum: Kodi and Kodi Add-ons - No Replies

All (Singin' n Dancin') Kodi - Lets Lighten It Up..!!

OK Guys....
Some Tips for the Guys who aint Bothered about Razzmatazz.
You've got Kodi Installed & It Weighs 300 Kilos.. lol
WHAT Exactly can You Do to Lighten the Load..??

Lets Get to the Guts of this System...
@FILE.EXPLORER /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/
In here there's Usually 5 Folders... My Sys only has 2. So this Is gonna be a memory
Drain. Obviously I've got "addons" & "userdata".. I Believe (And Don't bother correcting me)
The other 3 are: media / temp / system

Righty Oh Then... Hahaaaa.
As I Remember "system" has nothing In There.. Gone
Some versions of kodi use "media" for Some Background.. Gone Anyway..!!
"temp" folder.. This baby will Re-Generate No matter What.. And other Than
Carrying the kodi.log file for "Head in Hands" Guys. It'll weigh a Ton.
You aint Gonna send a Log... Go On.. Delete the whole temp Folder.

Make a Brew..
Take a Spoonful of James Bond Tonic & 2 Clint Eastwood Tablets..
Coz Now we're Going for the Jugular... Ready... C'mon Then..!!

Do you Like a Huge Amount of Thumbnails.. I Mean HYOOOOOGE..??
>>> Only Do This if Ya aint Bothered bout Thumbs for Addons <<<

Into "userdata" folder. Click on Thumbnails Folder/Properties.. Big ehhh.
If ya aint Bothered.. Delete that Folder and replace it with a FILE
Called Thumbnails (no extension)... That Folder Can't be Regenerated
Cozza that file.... Sooooo. Thumbs Can't be Downloaded..!!

Another Gulp of Tonic.. And Into the addons Folder... Can you See It..??
That Big.. Fat.. Juicy Folder There...... "YES"... That un There.. Packages.
First after Metadata Folders.. Rclick & Check Props.. Massive Innit..??

But Why are You Luggin' it Around..?? Yeah.. It's Fulla Zips, but they're
ALL Installed. Pop another Eastwood Tab and Delete The Contents..

Removing All the Above Files Will Leave a Fully Operating System
Albeit Very Lightweight. If you have a Family.. Don't Do It. The Kids'll
Scream the house Down for That "Duckled Don" Thumb.. Hahaàaa.

Aimed Mainly at Any Members Who are Serious Streamers.. G'luk

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  Downloading exsodus
Posted by: Ktgit - 01-13-2018, 02:45 PM - Forum: DOLAMEE D5 - Replies (9)

I’m having problems downloading exodus on my new dolamee d5.
I’m sure it’s something I’m doing wrong but I have searched the net and done the recommended step by step instructions but still no good??
I’m going in to my  tvmc settings and have created a file ... fusion.tvaddons.ag but still no good??
What am I doing wrong does this box have exodus already installed?? 
As you can see I’m a novice and need help....
Any advice most welcome.....
Cheers Kev.

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  (TIP) Modding a Skin
Posted by: X-XKA - 01-13-2018, 12:40 PM - Forum: Kodi and Kodi Add-ons - No Replies

(TIP) Modding a Skin

Ya Wanna Mod your Kodi Skin..??
TWO Things B4 You Start..

Settings > add-ons > My add-ons > Look n Feel > Skin/
Choose your Skin & Disable Auto-Update

ALWAYS... Back Out of Paths.. Back to @Homescreen.
And Exit Kodi by the (Exit | Quit | Shut) Button.

If you minimize & Swipe Away... Mods will Not Stick... [Image: cant_believe.gif]

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  My First Box... I Didn't use xbmc/Kodi for 2 Months..?? Ehhh.?
Posted by: X-XKA - 01-13-2018, 10:53 AM - Forum: Kodi and Kodi Add-ons - No Replies

My First Box... I Didn't use xbmc/Kodi for 2 Months..?? Ehhh.?

Got my First Box. Installed. Switched On. Boot Routine.
Desktop Console. And a Big (xbmc) "C'mon" Button.
Click... Like we all do/did.. Wowwwwwwww..!!
Had a Squint Around this New Experience & Thought.
Whoaaaaaaahh..!! What do I Know About Android..??

xbmc/kodi Needs a Platform to Run. In my Case. Droid.
WHAT did I Know about Android...?? .. Jack..!!
My First Job was to Figure Android System so it Could
Be Eliminated from probz Ref any Apps &/or xbmc.

(Windows.. Spark.. E2.. No prob). But Android. No Way.

Armed with my Toolbox.. 2 Tools.. "Google & Savvy"
I Worked Android Out.. I Don't mean, Where all the Buttons Are.
Sys files.. Rooting, db, xml, roms, flashing, apks, The Whole Caboodle.
Then I Could Hack/Mod any Part of the System.. And Fix/Repair.

My 3 Avoidances are... Python / Java / RegEx
My Fallback for Any Language is @W3schools
Anything Kodi is @kodi.wiki

I have around 20 Different Versions of xbmc/kodi Dotted Around.
All Mix/Match Between Gotham v13.2 thru Krypton v17.6
I also Test Krypton Nightlies. Keeps me Genned Up.
A swap from One Sys to Another. Up & Running: 5min Tops.

- Do I use VPN... Nope. Barefoot.
- What about tor... Nope. Still Barefoot.
- Do you Like Ad's.. What's Them lol.. My hosts-file Weighs in @3Mb
- Are you a Dev of your System Settings.. Yup
- Can you Fine Tune Android.. Yup... build.prop Hacks & xml Edits.
- What About kodi.. Stripped. My goodies Added, Then Installed.
- Which Skin.. Aeon-Nox. (Don't even Ask about the Mods)
- What's the Best Repo.. Ehhhhh
- What's the Best Add-on... Ehhhhh

Yeah snigger... I Know 'em All lol... But You See. I Don't Use 'em..!!
Naaaaaah.. I Stream... Pure & Simple.
I Reckon the kodi Internal Player Is the Dogs.. Soooo. It's my Player.

Not Wanting to Appear Rude to Staff or Members..
I am Not Familiar with Any of the Systems Listed @HomePage.
My Guess would be Perhaps Buy/Sell Forums..??
But When I Came Across TVB.. I scrolled Down to the Bottom.
Found Kodi stuffed away down There... Almost Empty.
And Applied Some Filler..

If @Admins Feel that my Input in the kodi Section could Help.
Feel Free to EM to my Reg Addy.. I Don't wanna tread on Toes.
Or Interfere with Sellers etc.. G'day.

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  Kodi.... Ahhh Yes.. KODI
Posted by: X-XKA - 01-13-2018, 07:21 AM - Forum: Kodi and Kodi Add-ons - No Replies

Kodi.... Ahhh Yes.. KODI

Created as a Family Entertainment Center. Fully Working. Functional.
Put Together by Lots of Devs (Internationally) & Well Presented... BUT..!!

Boys being Boys ha.. Just Gotta Dabble when the missus n Sprogs are in Bed.
Hence the Birth of Millions of Forums Globally. All Generated by Spin-Offs
From an Entertainment Platform.

Kodi, Forks, Spin-Offs, Repos, Addons, Standalones... The whole Shabang
Changed about 3yrs ago With the arrival of Pirates. Divisions among Devs.
Builds, Subscriptions. WHAT.. For a Proggy made by Guys for Free..!!

Kodi... Is Now a Business
Is it Legal..?? Who Knows..?? .. There Is a Fine Line.

Anyone Thinking about Getting an Android Set-up.. Consider Some Pointers.

The Most Stable version of Kodi is.. Jarvis v16.1
Versions above Krypton v17.* are for 64bit Win.. ATM
No Matter Which Platform & Kodi version.. You will Always Encounter Buffering.

You want 4K / hevc / .265
Make Sure You've got a 4K tv as Well.

V. V. Important..
You will NOT Run 4K on 20Mb B/band.. 4K Runs at Fluctuating Rates.
It Loads the Buffers to Capacity, Using & Re-Filling Continuously.
Anything between 35Mb - 65Mb @60fps.. So be Cautious..!!
My Lowest Suggestion would be (80Mb Hi-Speed Fibre)

G'luk If you Cut the Cable.
Just Don't Dabble... But you Will Hahaaa.

A Good Weekend to the Boards.

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  Android Music Players.. Best for Ext Speaker Use..!!
Posted by: X-XKA - 01-12-2018, 08:18 PM - Forum: General Android Apps - No Replies

During the Past Fortnight I've Tested Errrrrrrrrrr.... Well Roundabout.
Lots of Players, EQ's, Studios, Mixers.. (Paid / Full / Pro) etc.
Oh Yeah... Fab with Headfones. But I'm Cinema'd Up, So I Need
A Rootin' Tootin' App for Ext Speakers Use...

You Don't Wanna Spend Days Downloadin' & Testing All the "Say So"
Reviewed Apps @PlayStore (or otherwise). A Damn Pain..!!

Here's a Share for Android Systems... (Mine is MM v6.0.1) Modded.

#1: Stellio
A Lot of Hard work to Install If ya aint Rooted. I had to Mod .xml Files
@Root.. To FORCE reading External Drives. The Widgets are a Pain as Well.
Battle on Tho..... Well Worth It.

#2: JetAudio+
IFFFFFFF.. You've Got a Fully Loaded "Hosts" File. You'll Escape Ad's
& Have an Excellent Free Player With Superb Sound Quality.

#3: Musicolet
VERY... VERY... Unusual to Find a Totally Free (No Ad's) All Singin App.
A Quality Player Which I Think Will Suprise Any Tester.. Not up on the
Effects like the Other 2.. But a Big WOW non the less..... For Free.. !!

All Latest Versions @PlayStore or Your Choice of Host.


#1: Neutron
Not All That..!!

#2: Maven
Installed.... But Wouldn't Run on my Sys.



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  Passthrough Problems
Posted by: pc2017 - 01-12-2018, 12:34 AM - Forum: DOLAMEE D5 - Replies (3)

just purchased this box , using tvmc jarvis I am having a pass trough problems

when I enable pass through , all I get is static noise this happens the source audio is stereo or 5.1 both on Dolby & DTS.

disabling pass through gives no static but only stereo sound even when source is 5.1.

the box is connected to the AV receiver directly via HDMI

I have enabled the True-HD , DTS-HD  E-AC3 receiver options.

I have tried different HDMI cable(s) and input ports on the AV receiver all do noavail

can anybody help as it' driving me mad  Angry

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Question D3 firmware or other solution
Posted by: aas88keyz - 01-11-2018, 08:14 PM - Forum: DOLAMEE D3 - Replies (8)

I seem to be in big trouble with my D3 and I haven't found any solutions so I thought I would add to the very few threads D3 has to itself. Basically I have been having issues installing software because the D3 is rooted. Particularly my primary stream app, Netlfix. I researched the issue and found advice on how to hide sudo in order to install these apps successfully. I worked with rooting Fire TV 2's before so I thought I had what i needed. It was recommended to start with installing SuperSu (which I had past experience). No big deal right? installed successfully and it advised to reboot. I rebooted only to find the D3 at the title screen and hasn't gone passed that since. I unplugged for 30 minutes. No change. Left on for 30 minutes. No change. I went back to the researching and found out how to soft and hard reset. I started with soft reset by clicking reset button in the av port and selecting "wipe data/factory rest" under the Android Recovery and reboot. No change. I did this 4 times with no progress. Next advice I found in my research was to do a hard reset by using the "apply update from EXT" which requires the firmware apparently. I searched every where for the firmware and cannot find it anywhere. Can someone help me find the firmware needed or provide alternate solutions. I promise, I will not do this again! lol. thanks in advance.

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