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Flash and no wifi - magicyan - 02-02-2018


To have android TV, I flashed my nexbox with this ROM:

Everything works except the wifi that I can not activate.
Do you know how I can solve the problem?

Thank you in advance.

RE: Flash and no wifi - gatos814 - 02-02-2018

First of all link is not working....
Now can you please give us more info about your tv box?
Model,ram/rom,previous version of firmware or something to understand what wifi chip your tv box has!

RE: Flash and no wifi - magicyan - 02-02-2018

ok i fix the problem of the link.

This is the one I bought:
Brand : Nexbox
Model : A95X
Color : Black
Operating System : Android 6.0 Marshmallow
CPU : Amlogic S905X Cortex A53 Processor 1.5GHz
GPU : Penta-Core ARM Mali-450

RE: Flash and no wifi - gatos814 - 02-02-2018

By the way neither this link working!
It can't show us the version you have....
Anyway go here :!QtZDFIBJ!iqCv6K1BjbsGrNdWUlhj2g
install one of the 2 versions and you'll have all working ok!
2+16 have two version,choose the right one like below.
model name(NEXBOX-A95X-AP6330) ---> NEXBOX-A95X_S905X_7.1_bcm6255_6330_16g2g_171120preview_SD_USB.rar
model name(NEXBOX-A95X-QCA9377) ---> NEXBOX-A95X_S905X_7.1_qca9377_16g2g_171120preview_SD_USB.rar
One of the 2 versions have the right wifi chip for your tv box!
After that you'll know which one is yours!
Good luck!

RE: Flash and no wifi - magicyan - 02-02-2018

Thank you very much gatos814.
One more question, I'm going to have Android TV with the links you gave me?

RE: Flash and no wifi - gatos814 - 02-02-2018

It's the stock Android 7 firmwares!
It's obvious that with these firmwares you'll find the wifi chip you have and ofcourse all will working as it should!!!

RE: Flash and no wifi - magicyan - 02-02-2018

ok thanks, I prefer to keep android TV

RE: Flash and no wifi - X-XKA - 02-11-2018

I had this Prob Once.. Yonks ago on a UM8.
I Flashed with (Stanes UM8-eny) Rom..

Installed my SD clone & Apps.. All Worked 'Cept Wi-Fi.

It worked for me, & May Work with other Systems..??

I Re-Booted To Recovery & Cleared "System Cache"
Back to Desktop & Cleared Dalvik Cache... BINGO..!!

From Lollipop Upwards, Dalvik Isn't Used any More.
The Name is Still Used Tho, to Stop Confusion..
When you Clear the Dalvik Cache. It Is Dumped.
And then During Re-Boot the System Re-Writes It
For Any "Working" Apps It Finds.

(A good Clearout Method)... G'luk..!!