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"Hats Off" .. To Board Owners & Admins..!! - X-XKA - 02-12-2018

L's & Gents... G'day..!!

You've Probably Figured Out Who I Am..
Yup.. Been Around Years.. Always Worked as Admin Security.
Never Changed my Nick Since 2000... Until Now.
Satellite Forums, Then Android/Kodi. I've Always Favored vB tho.
Versions 3.4.* to 3.9.8 lol.. Never v4/v5+

However.. I've Noted on Quite a Few Occasions the Number of
Banned Reg's In the Footer.. I Never Showed Bans Anywhere In
Forums, Just My Protocol I Guess..!!

Anyways.. I got to Wondering If Yooz Guys know a User @Pedigree
And are Perhaps Using Some SFS Security..??
I was One of the Earlier Members There.. Long Time ago Tho.
Non of My Business of Course... But Nice to See Clean Boards.

I won't Forget S/mod @gatos814
Does Lots of post Edits... A valuable Asset to The Forum.

Spammers, Leechers, IP masking.... Plight of Forumz.

Thanx For Keeping It Clean.. Great Stuff.. Appreciated.