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No Video out - Brisketman - 06-06-2018

My RX3 (2/16) was ordered on Mar 10th of this year and I have used it less than a dozen times. Now I get on video output through the HDMI cable to the TV. I have switched cables and TV inputs (using ones known to work), but still no video - only msg on TV screen that no signal is present. Oddly, when I turn the RX3 on, the tv senses the active source and switches to that input, but then finds no signal. As I can't get any signal on the screen at all, I have no way to check settings or make changes. Only 3 months old and not working! What do I do? Huh

RE: No Video out - gatos814 - 06-06-2018

Have you tried the tv box and in other tv?
Check and this to see what's will happen!
If still nothing happen try to contact with your seller and tell him/her your problem!

RE: No Video out - Willis - 06-08-2018

change a HDMI cable or use it on another tv.