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4K Output - adsjc - 06-11-2018

Anyone have any issues with connecting this up to a 4K TV?

I have connected it up to my new 4K TV and in the resolution in android settings only goes up to 1080p still.  Sad

RE: 4K Output - gatos814 - 06-11-2018

Try the latest Android 7 from the identical Nexbox...
You will lose the lcd screen but things will be much better!

RE: 4K Output - Willis - 06-11-2018

It is also related to the video and internet quality.

RE: 4K Output - adsjc - 06-12-2018

Great thanks!
Would you recommend the 7.1 one on this thread?

RE: 4K Output - gatos814 - 06-12-2018

Find your ''match'' and flash it!
Good luck!