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Mecool m8s pro l some questions - udilizi - 09-27-2018

I buy mecool m8s pro l i have some question
1. How can i use teamviewer on that box i install it but when i try to connect from other pc i receive an message that i cant connect to that box is there anyway to use remote controll on that box??
2. In the home screen on the first line is see my suggest video from youtube but in the second line i see my apps how can i manage which app will shown and which app not shown on home screen?
Tnx all

RE: Mecool m8s pro l some questions - gatos814 - 09-27-2018

For the first question here are some examples :
and yes for using remote controll on that box!
For the second question just use the + (add app) button to customize the apps you want!
Good luck!

RE: Mecool m8s pro l some questions - udilizi - 09-27-2018

hay again dear i dont know if you understand me right my model is m8s pro l this is android tv box not like in the video and is different i cant find a way after install teamviewer on tv box when i try to log in from my pc to mecool i receive message your tv box is not support remote controll is some one have solution for me?

second thing i cant find a way to remove some apps from home screen its not like in the movie with the + button this is android tv maybe someone have a idea?

RE: Mecool m8s pro l some questions - gatos814 - 09-28-2018

Ok let's take things from the beginning!
The Mecool M8S PRO L has ATV Android meaning Android TV OS !
That , automatically means that there are some restrictions , mostly on playstore!
So if you need to install an app and you don't find it in playstore you can use alternative ''Markets'' ,or download and install via SIDELOAD what ever app you want !
Now since i don't have this tv box i thought it would be like in the photo! :
[Image: tvpWG2m.jpg?1&key=8d842c50fbb67e49b3175e...4f0ca92086]
Maybe this launcher was on earlier firmwares , i don't know!
Now look on playstore or to alternative Aptoide Market for an alternative launcher to do the job!
Also look here on TeamViewer's page for more details :