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Crackling audio
(01-17-2017, 03:52 AM)DOLAMEEBOX Wrote: Still looking into this issue.

(01-11-2017, 11:17 AM)Tete Wrote: Here are two exemples of this issue. Player:KODI

Thnks very much for your help

We know the issue, can you give us the video resource as well? I mean the video you play on the box, don't need the whole one, a short one is enough.
People from Dolamee team:
My last videos were captured from KODI streams, not from downloaded files...

You can watch it in youtube, and compare: 
Sia - The greatest (4 months ago - 5 set 2016- 332.943.434 times)
It seems to be more prevalent on 1080 streams. It's bad and happens on all D5 boxes Sad
yeah it seems like a buffering issue of sorts.

it is worse over wireless but it isn't really super high filesize or bitrate that causes it. im watching h264 720 and its happening occasionally. if you rewind and go back over the same spot that just stuttered it plays that same part just fine.

just happened again and this time i was watching closely the moment before it happened, the audio was slightly out of sync and appeared to quickly get worse (over the course of maybe 1.5 seconds). it looked like it tried to compensate and resync the audio and video streams when the audio stuttered and dropped video frames began

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