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How to make the most of development
Vendors often send their products to reviewers etc but invariably these reviews can highlight the deficiencies of a product that may put prospective purchasers off.

When it comes to TV boxes, the biggest complaints are with regards to the firmware not working as it should from day 1.

And so a cycle develops where one or more hobbyist developers on sites such as Freaktab, XDA etc pick up the mantle and attempt to resolve issues and add functionality to make the box more usable.

As an example, just look at the brilliant work that Superceleron, prahjister and Xannytech (to name just a few) have done to make certain devices not only functional for most uses but have also taken them further than any manufacturer tends to, which in turn makes the product more attractive and of course means sales and profit.

But too many products fall by the wayside and get little or no attention, even if there is promise.

So, rather than wait for people to make the products better and make some increase in sales on the back of their work, why not invite them into the development process at a much earlier stage, prior to public release, such that you can have a desirable product that you know will be backed by reviews from the start.

I'd bet that modest amount of financial investment would reap great rewards in increased profit, more satisfied customers and greater long term reputation.

So to the Management of the manufacturers whose products grace this forum, you have great opportunity, so take it.

It should be a no brainer.
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Now you've told everthing. Thanks @bluesmanuk
The brands should open the eyes for the good professionals.

I follow the Freaktab forum a while ago and it is amazing the work of this great developers.

Just a suggestion for the brands take a look in the Freaktab Forum and learn something.

Well said , I have been involved in the media box scene pretty much from its start.
One of the very first Media boxes was the Mediagate line from Al Tech in Korea. You know what was their downfall? - they simply just stopped firmware development , and thus allowed other companies to take over their market.

I really hope we dont see this with Nexbox - I hope they turn out to be different from all the others I have witnessed along the way..

Thanks for your piece and taking the time and effort to write it..



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