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Update!! NEXSMART D32 Marshmallow Android 6 firmware update released
(05-21-2017, 04:48 PM)piter53 Wrote:
(05-09-2017, 08:13 AM)gatos814 Wrote: Look here for the driver installation : [url=[/url]
The usb male to male cable have a straight cable connection  : 

    [Image: 20120045939_06.png]         [Image: aMfzMb6.png]

I "lost you" with recovery.....
But anyway good luck and this time !

I ve finally fixed this few days ago, the problem turned out to be... badly/not precisely written instructions attached to firmware files. It mentioned connecting the box to the pc in the right moment and clicking pin in av socket but it's not enough for pc to recognize it, it needs to be in bootloader mode, not just in recovery mode, which must be done by remote. Hope this will help somebody stuck with android 5.1 (Although 6.0 fixed the video stuttering issue it is certainly not bug-free and has two very annoying bugs: almost every browser is glitched, and some apps like real racing 3 have audio issue)
P.S. Thank you @gatos814 for providing help anyway Smile

so can i use the drivers with windows 10? please someone help please
Okay I finally got it had to use another flash tool to get the drivers to work weird I know and I guess drivers don't work on windows 10 now just waiting to load up to see if it worked thanks folks o yeah i can post that flash tool I used if anYone has same problem I had just let me know thanks all
Glad you finally made it!
Now post the tool with the drivers to help others here with the same issues!
Okay this is the flash tool I used!tN0kxIiK!g3NFUExk0BUn3AChOzlPOCOIeE1KLNi3qpf5kRHKhtk  the drivers from here were o.k. computer just didn't seem to recognize them with other flash tool
How to update box with linux or osx?
(02-25-2017, 04:21 AM)Alina Wrote: This firmware fix the YouTube problem, everyone who need this firmware please download through the following link:

NEXSMART D32 (1GB+8GB) Android 6 firmware!cw4zwQqK!_s0i1NdFrErRSEvPmO8HAA

Tools and guide included. 


Any chance for the NEXSMART 1G/8G to have the 7.1.2 Nougat Preview Rom ported to it for testing from A95x build? Or is that a question for the developer?
(02-26-2017, 12:59 AM)reddragonskate88 Wrote: Is it possible to update without connecting it to a PC? (I don't have the cord)

you can build the cable on your own

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