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How to Install TVMC (Kodi) on DOLAMEE D5 (as an example) without Kodi Pre-installed?
Many people are turning to Kodi for their streaming of sport, TV and films. However, DOLAMEE D5 is TV BOX without Kodi Pre-installed. Here are the tips how to install TVMC (or KODI) on DOLAMEE D5.

1. Starting up
>Use the HDMI cable connect your TV and the device
>Plug in the Power Supply
>Boot up
>>The first time you start the device, it will show the settings interface as follow:
[Image: Screenshot_1970-01-01-00-00-44.png]

>>You need to set the language, screen scale and network. The fourth step is a brief instruction of some functions. The fifth step shows that you have complete the setting. Then click and enter into the desk.

2. Installing
>Install TVMC & K-Addons
>>Click the "Browser" shortcut on the desk (or press the "Thumb" or "Kodi" key on the remote) and enter into the follow webpage:
[Image: s.png]

>>Click the "Solutions" icon, enter into the follow page:
[Image: ss.png]

>>Choose the right version TVMC to download. Amlogic version is for devices with Amlogic chipsets, and Rockchip version for devices with Rockchip chipsets. Then download K-Addons. And there are several other frequently-used apps which you can download according to your own preference.

>Install add-ons
>>Open K-Addons
[Image: k-a.png]

>>Categories of the add-ons
[Image: ado.png]

>>Choose one category and open it, enter into a page like:
[Image: ons.png]

>> Click [Image: i.png] in the middle of the icon, and then begin the installing. The pinkish red line is progress bar.
[Image: loading.png]

>> Multiple add-ons can be installed at the same time. Close K-Addons when the add-ons finish installing. Then Open TVMC and here you will find the add-ons you have installed.

>> TVMC will check the new version of the add-ons that have been installed and upgrade it automatically if there is any add-ons need to be upgraded. "no update" shows it is the newest version. If there is an update notice, just click to download the new version.

3. Uninstall
Settings-->Apps-->Downloaded apps-->Uninstall-->OK

4. Factory Reset
Settings-->Storage&reset-->Factory data reset-->Erase everything,
Hi, I'm a spanish speaker. I installed the nexbox at home, but when I watch movies, the subtitles in spanish don't match with the language spoken. They always come early. I haven't been able to figure aout how to sync them. I rally apreciate your help.
Look here :
Good luck !

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