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Really latest firmware for A95x (S905 CPU, 1+8G version)?
I wanted to load the newest firmware for  A95x (S905 CPU, 1+8G version) so I browsed this forum and ended with this firmware from August 2016. 
As my friend has the same box he asked me to do the same so I just checked his device info and I am confused. 

The device with latest firmware (August, 2016) has device info:
Kernel version: Fri Aug 12 16:21:31 CST 2016
Build: NEXBOX-A95X-201608121617

The original stock firmware in my friend's box:
Kernel version: Mon Aug 15 17:28:04 CST 2016
Build: NEXBOX-A95X-201608151721

As you can see the original stock firmware seems to be newer than the one you can download as latest on the link above. How is that possible? So is there newer firmware update or where to get build NEXBOX-A95X-201608151721?

Thank you.
i think the serial number only represent the production time of the tv box.
such as your box, it was produced on Aug 12 , 2016 , but maybe using the old program developed on six months ago.

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