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Android TV Box from A to Z ( part I )
Hi everybody. 

I am a new member. Have a little share about the knowledge I know about tV box for newbies. Hope to receive enthusiastic support from everyone ^^!

1. What is TV BOX: 

TV BOX is a computer-based device based on the android operating system that creates interaction between the user and the TV interface developed by GOOGLE. Understood as if it was the phone but displayed on the TV screen. 
[Image: TVBOX.jpg?resize=768%2C284]

2. Structure of TV BOX
Main ingredient: 
2.1 Android Chipset (CPU)

Comprised of ARM chipset and VIA So chipset in terms of performance, the ARM chipset is better than the VIA chipset and is more commonly used in the Android operating system. ARM chipset running Google's Android operating system is increasingly used in the HD player and Smart TV Box because of its flexibility.

2.2  Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

Popularity is Mali Graphics - 450 octa core Meet the increasing graphical needs of users

2.3 Ram (Caching)

The higher the DDRam3 Ram, the higher the size, the smoother the OS

2.4 Nand flash memory

Internal memory is used to store the data of the operating system, application installed on the machine

3. Smart connectivity features on android tv box

Replace the Hdplayer head, Bluray Player, 3D player with high quality movie playback from hard drive, support the most advanced audio standard DTS HD MA 7.1.

Replace professional karaoke head:

TV BOX with Android devices you can experience with countless online karaoke songs are always the latest update, the best beat beautiful interface with multiple effects. The installation method for connecting the Amplifier to a simple speaker device is like a 5 digit Karaoke headset.

Also some products genuine Android TV BOX also supports hard drives in order to play professional karaoke with Karaoke or as Vietkaraoke source, YouSing, ...

Game experience like the real PS

Many applications for learning, translation, dictionaries, learn English very well for children

Install software from .apk files or applications such as Google Play Market, AppVN, 1market ... to watch HD movies, listen to music, watch clips, surf the web, play games etc ... online and offline.

Full range of connectivity features: Same as Smart TV, Android TV BOX also allows you to connect USB devices, laptops, speakers, mice, keyboards ... also features wireless connectivity as projection screen phone on television, controlled by telephone ....

The interface is not quite the same: Although the Android platform users, but each brand Android TV box to develop different interface, optimized according to the specific features of each company. 

The first part I is stop here. I will write next part with share about classification android TV box[/url]


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