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Slideshow app
I am looking for a recommendation for a slideshow app.  I would like to continuously run a slideshow of 200 pictures.  I’ve tried using Kodi but it doesn’t have many options and it crashes quite often.  I would like to be able to set display time and transitions.  Any suggestions?
search a siutable apps on google...
I'm also searching the app for slideshow and still didn't get the good one.
Also looking for slideshow App that works.  I have hundreds of photos and videos on a SSD drive, and would like to run a simple slide show that shows photos and videos in the one stream.  All of the slideshows I have found (including Kodi) only allow the user to view photos OR videos - not in the one slideshow.  My iPhone lets me do this, and I assume an Android phone would do the same.
So, I am after a simple slideshow App that plays photos and videos in the one stream from SSD disk (using MXQ 4K).  Nothing fancy.

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