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how long does it take on fixing bugs, A1 bOX and FIXES DUE BY WHEN USUALLY?

It has been more than 1 year with many bad bugs in the Firmware of my A1 Box we have yet to seen fixes or promises or even ETA when some of the most critical bug fixes need to be fixed.

I myself have send issues directly to Admin, with no feedback or reply why is this.?

Is this just a bad company which we have products of?
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Sorry Virtue67, but better late than never...

+1 Angry

Nexbox CEO, how can you hope that an ancient customer remain a future customer?
How can you let ALL the A1 and A3 purchasers in this situation?
By the way, is your company still alive?
We know that Amlogic doesn't simplify debugging or upgrading, but common, one guy for one week,
that's all we need and ask. Or tell us that it is not possible, and refund or exchange the s912 based boxes.

After testing, Librelec distro from kszaq is perfect.
MUCH better than the OEM Android OS for Kodi. But the Graal is more than only Kodi working...
This box can be a perfect and compact moving desktop.
Did somebody manage to use a full Linux distro the same way kszaq did?
I cannot find a functionnal dtd.img for this :

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