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Recording Macros

I have installed an M9S android-based TV box for my grandmother. When it boots up it presents a typical launcher screen, and the Free TV app icon can be selected (I have installed the Mobdro and LiveNetTV apps). Once in the app you can select the favourites icon, and from there can select any of the TV channels that have been set as a favourite.

Problem is my grandmother is often pressing the wrong button (pressing OK when trying to press the left or right arrow for example, just due to thick fingers), and many other scenarios (like ads suddenly popping up and she gets confused as to what to do next).

What I would like is for there to be just one icon on the initial launcher screen (I can remove all the other icons to the TV apps and browser, app installer etc) so she is just faced with one icon, and when clicked will go directly to the favourites screen in the Free TV app, or even better, record the clicks to get to each of the favourite channels, and put each one on the launcher screen, so when the box boots up it presents her with a BBC1 icon, BBC2 icon, etc on the Launcher screen.

I am guessing that the best way to do this is to record the clicks to get to the favourites screen, or to each channel in the favourites, and save the recorded clicks in a macro and assign the macro to an icon on the home Launcher screen.

Does such a macro recorder exist in the Play Store, or can anyone think of any other approach?


Try Nova launcher from playstore which is very customizable!

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