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WHO... Does Your DroidBox O/s Belong To..??
WHO... Does Your DroidBox O/s Belong To..??

Another Heads Up Guys..!!

Older Hands Will Remember When You Bought a Box
It Came with A Simple Rom, 1 or 2 Gig of Ram, xbmc
Was the Player.. & Usually a Promise of Lifetime UpDates.

OK.. Well Here's a Gud'un For Yaz.

YUP.. The Box Is Deffo Yours.. Yer Missus & Kids Starved
For a Week Coz You Got 'em a Suprise. But Nowadays...
W H O.. Owns The O/s..??

I Want to Make TVB members Aware of This Errrr..??
I'd Call it a Kinda Fiddle.. It Aint,,,,,, But You'll get my Drift.

The Manufacturers .. OR .. A Middle-Man Source Is/Are
Installing their Own Launchers With their Own Apps
Embedded Into/With It..!!
That Makes It Very Difficult for a Buyer to Use the System
As a Desktop Computer with Kodi On Board.

I've Done 4 Boxes with N v7* on 'em.. Not An easy Task..!!
IF.. With the Embedded apps In the Launcher you Simply
Just Disable or Freeze the Launcher.. Loop > Loop > Loop
EVEN If You've Installed Your Own Launcher.
Be Prepared for Some Flashing.. Grrrr.

Sooooooooo..... Just What HAVE you Bought..??
I'd have to Say It Is More a Dedicated Entertainment Box.
Which I Think Is Very Unfair on the Less Knowledgable
Who may Already Own an Android Device & Think It's Gonna
Be a Doddle Mix & Matching Apps & So On.

You can Use the Box "As Is" Of Course.
But Be Prepared if You Like Tinkering & Aint Got Android Savvy.
OH.. BTW...... Leave (build.prop) Alone. (I aint Gonna Xplain).

You can Put Yer "Heads Back Down" Now..!!

I Can't Even Add a "LOL" to This Post..
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