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WHO... Does Your DroidBox O/s Belong To..??
WHO... Does Your DroidBox O/s Belong To..??

Another Heads Up Guys..!!

Older Hands Will Remember When You Bought a Box
It Came with A Simple Rom, 1 or 2 Gig of Ram, xbmc
Was the Player.. & Usually a Promise of Lifetime UpDates.

OK.. Well Here's a Gud'un For Yaz.

YUP.. The Box Is Deffo Yours.. Yer Missus & Kids Starved
For a Week Coz You Got 'em a Suprise. But Nowadays...
W H O.. Owns The O/s..??

I Want to Make TVB members Aware of This Errrr..??
I'd Call it a Kinda Fiddle.. It Aint,,,,,, But You'll get my Drift.

The Manufacturers .. OR .. A Middle-Man Source Is/Are
Installing their Own Launchers With their Own Apps
Embedded Into/With It..!!
That Makes It Very Difficult for a Buyer to Use the System
As a Desktop Computer with Kodi On Board.

I've Done 4 Boxes with N v7* on 'em.. Not An easy Task..!!
IF.. With the Embedded apps In the Launcher you Simply
Just Disable or Freeze the Launcher.. Loop > Loop > Loop
EVEN If You've Installed Your Own Launcher.
Be Prepared for Some Flashing.. Grrrr.

Sooooooooo..... Just What HAVE you Bought..??
I'd have to Say It Is More a Dedicated Entertainment Box.
Which I Think Is Very Unfair on the Less Knowledgable
Who may Already Own an Android Device & Think It's Gonna
Be a Doddle Mix & Matching Apps & So On.

You can Use the Box "As Is" Of Course.
But Be Prepared if You Like Tinkering & Aint Got Android Savvy.
OH.. BTW...... Leave (build.prop) Alone. (I aint Gonna Xplain).

You can Put Yer "Heads Back Down" Now..!!

I Can't Even Add a "LOL" to This Post..
IPVanish is probably the best VPN service to use in order to watch movies and TV shows anonymously on Kodi or otherwise. And, Xiaomi is gettting popular in the world.

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