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Included launcher and apps not working
I bought the SMALLRT X3 2G/16G off of Amazon. After I received it I updated it via the backup and update application in the menu. Afterwards the Launcher crashes and closes constantly (Launcher has stopped error), so does the TV Store, and other apps that came installed.  I tried resetting the box back to default settings and then trying again but, the errors persist. I bought and installed a 3rd party launcher from the Play Store just to be able to use the box. I had to uninstall TV Store, TVMC (Replaced with Kodi), disable the built in launcher, etc. and replace them from the Google Play Store, with the exception of TV Store that I cannot find anywhere, and I installed Youtube, but it isn't the version for TV screens so it is difficult to navigate. Is there a patch or something coming out on the SMALLRT X3 to fix the errors with the launcher and default apps? I like the original launcher better than the one I purchased but, right now I have no choice, but, to use the one I bought. I am frustrated enough with all the work I am having to do to use the box that I am considering returning it for a refund.  Angry
Go here :
and manually reflash the original stock firmware via usb or via sd method (better via usb if you have one male to male cable!)
Good luck!

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