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Tab display problem in browsers
I have an RK3399 TV box, and I'm having issues with the display window of either Chrome or Chrome Beta. When the app is opened, you get what appears to be 2 windows on top of each other, no way to close the additional one, which is covering up most of the tabs at the top of the screen. You can't see the X or + to remove or add tabs (but you can actually do it by VERY carefully pointing the mouse). All other apps and content are displayed properly with no cutoff or having to adjust display size, so I think the box Android display is set normally. It's running Android 6.0.1 (tried upgrading to 7, major issues and went back to stock) which performs fine, very responsive. Navigating within a browser is clumsy and not all USB keyboard commands are recognized. You have to manually click with the air mouse sometimes, such as Enter or on some webpage buttons etc.

What should I do to correct this, or is this a bug? Chrome has never done this on either my desktop PC or Android phone (8.1).
Try to tick and the desktop mode on chrome to see if there is any difference!

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