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H96pro+ durability
After a long research, I decided to buy a H96pro+ box as I think it has one of the best price/performance balance in the market and good availability in my region.
Unfortunately as it arrived I saw some crashes and problems and it died completely in less than 2 months.
I was able to negotiate with the seller so I could get my money back. But now I need a new TV Box.
So I'm thinking: did I have the bad luck to get a defective H96pro+ or it's durability is really low ? Do I buy another or try other tv box model ?

What you think ?
Can you please describe better when you say ''died''
What happened ?
Was overheating , the software (which version you had) , bad power adapter?
It just doesn't do anything. No lights, no image, no nothing. Its some kind of hardware problem.
Do you still have the tv box?
If yes and doesn't do anything just try another power adapter 5v 2A!
Good luck!
I still have it. Will try other power adapter and tell you what happened

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