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! TEST Android 7 firmware FOR the ''OLD'' AP6330 chip !
This is the stock Android 7.1 firmware of a tv box called Leelbox Q3 with identical with ours hardware!
To work the stock IR remote 100% in NEXBOX  A1 - A3 you must change the remote file inside the system / etc  folder with rw-r-r permissions 644 and reboot!
All the users of YUNDOO don't need the remote file !
Their stock IR remote is above 90% working ok as it is!!!
2 ''bugs'' so far , the led light is working backwards (red- on , blue off)  & no TWRP !


Installation :
Use any usb burning tool above 2.0.8

Please if you wish feedback the results!

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How about NEXBOX A2? Is the Android 7.1 firmware suitable for A2 as well? If yes, what precautions should be aware of? Thank you.
nexbox s905x 2G/16G
nexbox A1 2G/16G
I'm pretty sure that A95X A2 uses 9377 chip ,so will not work the wifi and the bluetooth!

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