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unsuccessful firmware update !!!
Добрый день. У меня проблема. После неудачной прошивки yundoo y8. Windows, еще не определено (не видит). Я не знаю что делать!!! есть ли кто-нибудь, у кого нет задачи ориентирования телевизионного бокса? Помогите с Евгением Huh Huh Huh
Don't worry!
Use one stock firmware you know it's working and look here for the identical instructions!
Needs a little tricky work from you but at the end i'm sure you'll make it workable again!
Good luck!
Thank you so much .but the memory here is different
Take a picture of the NAND memory and look for help on internet...
Maybe you'll find something....
But from the time you are in position ''zero'' and have nothing to loose try to do as described on ''CONNECTING TO PC in MASKROM MODE'' section!
Try and other pins and i'm sure at the end you'll be the winner!
If you find the right pins you will get in MASKROM MODE on Rockchip devices!
Good luck!

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