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mecool m8s plus w wifi not auto connecting
Hi i got tow mecool m8s plus w boxes  on one of them the wifi auto connects on the other one it only connects sometimes to wifi and i have to manually enable it. Especially after reboot. 
The box that connect automaticly got the 2018-05-18 firmware

the box that only connect sometimes automaticly got the 2018-06-23 firmware. 

After connecting manually the box works so this got to be firmware not hardware problem?
Try , to the one with wifi issue to do a factory reset!
i tried both factory reset and reinstall firmware but nothing working . it seems like the new firmware is the problem since the older firmware is working on the other box. Strange thing is first after install it connects but not after reboot.
Try then to find a working TWRP for this tv box and do a full backup of the good working firmware!
After that (from the moment this 2018-05-18 firmware is not a public one) use this backup with the other tv box to ''restore'' the working well, firmware!
Good luck!

i will try , is it possible from recovery to back up to a usb stick?

Or mecool could release a working firmware and also add support for disabling the launcher and use your own launcher.
if anybody from mecool is listening.
Of Course!
If you find a working TWRP for this tv box you can put it in a freshly formatted sd card with fat32 (without even installing it!) and when it will boot on recovery mode ,to choose storage and backup entire the working firmware with all of your data !

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