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Hi i'm a Mecool Box user since long time and actually as you can know netflix can't work on these box but some keytools trick are posible but i try everithing for the KI Pro model and it's impossible to make netflix for android tv workable so we are waiting a fix for this please !

best regards
Same trouble. I can´t log in netflix error nw 6-404 i am waiting a fix too
Hi, I've been using a Mecool KII pro TV box with Netflix for six months now. Until a week ago it worked fine, now I can no longer use Netflix, the nw-6-404 prevents this, how can I solve this?
I have exacly the same problem with netflix. KI PRO.

Netflix stopped working with error: NW-6-404 and UI-113 . Problem is that netflix dropped DRM Widevine L1 certification for some devices and I read that there is workaround with use BurnKey but this device is not supported.
The same as here is my suggestion :
or look and use this :
Good luck!

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