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remote control
Ive got Dolamee box and cant find the remote. Tried a mouse but its hard work. Can I get a new remote.
Which Dolamee tv box you have?
If it's one with an on/off button (use it to open the tv box) buy an air mouse like these to do the rest of job! :
Hi, Its a D5 no on off switch, tried an ordinary mouse but no good.

Its a D5 no on off switch.
Hmm....Rockchip chip!
It's a little more complicated!
First ,if anyone else that you know ,has one of these you can borrow the remote, after you'll buy first a new one air mouse with learning keys to programming the on/off key
And with ,this new one with the learning keys ,you'll do your job !
Second now ,if your tv box is Android 6, might have an HDMI CEC function (sorry but i don't really know that for sure, from the time i don't have this tv box!) and with ths function to open the tv box and control it again after that with an air mouse !
And a final solution is again an air mouse but you'll have to open the tv box via unplug/plug again the power adapter!
dolamee d5 can work great with i8 air mouse keyboard, it's combine remote with keyboard.
Thanks for that.
Do you need anything else done to get this to work, Ping?
(10-09-2018, 02:22 PM)Railsback Wrote: Do you need anything else done to get this to work, Ping?
Just connect the i8 remote keyboard with your tv box, then you can control the tv box and typing

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