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Mecool M8S Plus L Bugs
Recently i buy this model of TV Box and i Very disappointed  had a lot of bugs  and the Wifi Fail with all the aplications  Any know if going to have a Update of Firmware Soon ?? 

the Specs Sounds Good but the Final Result is very Poor 

Amlogic S912 
It seems that is a new model and as far as i know there is no stock or update firmware for this,at least yet!
I want you to do one-two things if you can to see if there is in did a software problem or not!
First try a factory reset to see if there is any difference ,after!
And one other thing to do is to try it if you can with another power adapter to see also if there is any difference !
All these tv boxes have one minus point .....
Their power adapters , which in most of cases are not something solid!
So , if you haven't any other similiar power adapter try to give it power via alternative way like a usb male to usb male cable !!!
Good luck!

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