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Problem on Mecool M8S Plus DVB-T2 when recording with DTV application

I recently purchased a Mecool M8S Plus DVB-T2 TV Box.
The DTV Application is not reliable when recording programs.
This a problem with the management of the .ts files containing the records.
RMC 153001.ts  = 0 Bytes
RMC 153001.ts0 = 0 Bytes
RMC 153001.ts1 = .705 GB
Part of the recorded program is missing.

When there are several recorded programs, some are correct (ex: record splitted into 2 files i.e. *.ts and *ts0)

Recording is done on an USB key 32GB formatted in FAT32.

The DTV App is Version 1.0 (
I could not find a more recent version.

Did one of you experience the same problem ?
Where could I find a new version if any ?

Thanks for you help

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