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Mecool KM8 Network Problem
I need help. 
I noticed a problem, overnight, in the morning I turn on the box, and I get no internet connection and the remote falls off. After restart everything ok,
Watch it for a few days to see if still doing it!
well, I'll watch, but it was already 3 times
So let me get it straight...
You mean that after the first time STILL keeps doing it ?
And in what circumstances keep doing that ?
I am not sure I will describe everything.
connected via lan, evening turn off the box, the red light is on. In the morning it is already blue, I turn on the box, and there is a notification that it is not connected to the network.
Check the CEC control in settings and turn it off if it's on !
Also check the power key to be in shutdown!
These things might do the job!
You probably don't closing properly the tv box !
Good luck!
If I connect to LAN, then the MAC address is 02:00:00:00:00:00, the same should not be so?
Did you checked the things i told you ?
Anyway , try a factory reset and see if you still have this issue!
Maybe you facing a hardware problem,who knows!
So , do a reset and give me the feedback!
ok, first i will try to disable cec

About 40 minutes ago I turned off CEC and put box in standby, now I see that the LED is blue, even though box is in standby

normaly is Power ON: Blue; Standby: Red
I connected via wifi, the situation is the same, only after I disconnect and turn on the wifi connection appears, but the remote does not work.
I will try to make a reset

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