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A95X A2 Remote question
Good day everyone, i have an A95X A2 box  that does not have a remote so i bought a new remote for it but i cant get to pair the remote with the box since the remote did not come with instructions .

Can any one  of the experts help with this mater ??

Thank you
Sorry but are you talking about an air mouse or for just an IR remote?
It's an IR remote
I'm afraid it's not so simple....
It may look some of them, the same , but they aren't!
You must know the remote you bought for which tv box is , so you can make it work with yours!
It needs a fully rooted tv box and some medium skills!
When I looked for a remote I was l
Searching for one that replaces the original for box A95X A2. So that what was I found ( plastic remote replacement for A95X and several other)Are you talking about it not being simple as I will need to a mater and re map or program the remote from the beginning?
Thank you
In simple words , if we identify the one you bought , we will change a file inside the tv box which must have root access to work with the one you bought!
I'm trying to attach a photo of the remote but it doesn't seem to be working

Happy New Year btw
Happy New Year and to you!
Try to upload it to a free image server and post the link!

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