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Hi all,
I have had my nexbox for two years now, have streamed, downloaded apps, reset box , etc. I went to ABOUT to updated system, says its already updated. I just installed hbo now and I have tried many different trouble shooting options to get it to stream, and it just won't. I have uninstalled, reinstalled HBO now, tried using direct Ethernet connection , clearing cashe, and I still can't get it to stream " GAME OF THRONES"  [Image: huh.png] 
The one item I have not tried is to manually install the latest firmware with my computer. Any help out there would be very much appreciated. If I don't get GAME OF THRONES up and running, well lets just say my wife is not happy with me right now. 

Thanks Dave Black
Did this app worked before and stopped or never worked from the beginning of the 1st installation?

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