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Best way to setup an ethernet network on Mecool M8S Pro L
Yesterday I started the setup of my just arrived Mecool M8S Pro L box, but I had some problems.

The idea for this box is only to use as a media server, to connect by ethernet network to my server, which for now is my PC.

I am not planning to connect to Netflix or any other streaming service.

The problem is how to setup it, via Android or via Kodi.

A friend with a bit more knowledge than mine, though owner of a different Mecool box, helped me decipher how to get the box to "see" what's on my network. But it seems it doesn't do that. You have to write down the path for each HDD.

Not only that: after scanning the HDD it puts all the files that were in different folders on a SINGLE folder.

We used the Windows SMB, which I really know nothing about.

On all my media players I was used to just connect the network cable, then the box would automatically see the connections, and that's all. All HDDs were shown, with their own folders and files.

How do I get to do that on my Mecool M8S Pro L?

I looked for tutorials of any kind on the web and found none.

Any help is welcome. Thanks!

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