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Mecool KIII Pro Unroot
Does anybody know procedure to unroot Mecool KIII PRO? I am prepaid on TV service (MaxTv to go), but when starting an app, got message "Seems Your device is rooted".
My device is rooted by manufacturer. Please help.
Uninstall the app and clean your tv box
Download ''twrp.q20x-3.2.1-0.img'' and rename it to ''recovery.img''
In a freshly formatted micro sd card with fat32 put the ''recovery.img'' and the '''' together
Unplug power cord from TV box. Plug USB drive and the air mouse.
Press and hold with toothpick the hidden button in round hole in the bottom of the box.
Plug in power while pressing that button.
Release the button when logo appears.
Choose storage and install the '''' by ''Swipe to confirm flashing'' the file.
Go Wipe
Wipe cache
Also Wipe dalvik cache
Reboot system
Install again the app and give it a try!
Good luck!

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