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Nexbox A95x (s905x) Android 6.0 FAQ - Part 1
Note: Due to board restrictions on posting images - this FAQ is split into multiple parts.

Frequently asked questions for the Nexbox A95x (s905x) Models running Android 6.0

Note: This FAQ has been compiled by Forum users Friz and Yuval from many sources already in the public domain. All credit must go to the original authors. Where possible we have given this credit to the original posters.

Q: What is the main differences between the Two Nexbox A95x models ie The Standard A95x and the Newer enhanced A95x (S905x)?

               The difference between Amlogic S905X and S905 Android TV BOX

The S905X is a cost effective model based on S905 processor, the greatest enhancement is that S905X supports VP9 decoding while S905 does not.(Both of them support H.265, Another great advantage is the price. As the newer model, S905X has better performance, however, the price is same or a little lower.Lastly,  the S905X is tailored to Android 6.0, while  the S905 is based on Android 5.1.

To make it easier , here is a detailed chart.

[Image: S905X-pk-S905-1.jpg]
More differences between the 2 models:
[Image: 905x-pk.jpg]

Q: What are the different configurations that the A95x (905x) is sold in?  and what do these mean?

A: The A95x (s905x) is sold in the following THREE configurations:
A95X (S905X, 1+8G)
A95X (S905X, 2+8G)
[/url]A95X (S905X, 16+8G)

The 1+8G means the Unit has 1GB of Ram and 8GB storage.
The 2+8G means the Unit has 2GB of Ram and 8GB storage.
The 2+16G means the Unit has 2GB of Ram and 16GB storage.

All the above units work well , but the 2Gb of ram is recommend , but of course is a slightly more expensive price point. As always more storage is a trade off with a higher price.

Q: Is there a place where I can find files for my Nexbox ie Firmware , Tools etc etc?
A: Yes , forum user Friz has created a repository where you can find files for your Nexbox inc old versions of the firmware , upgrading tools etc etc.. It can be found here:!F9xjTSSa!R0vJfTC2U6Qc2skNMrr1iQ

If you feel any files should be added or want to add something , please send Friz a pm

Q: Where can I find the latest version of the firmware for my Nexbox A95x?

A: There are TWO ways that this can be obtained:
1) Firmware for the unit can usually be obtained from the following three links:

or the Nexbox Files Repository located here:!F9xjTSSa!R0vJfTC2U6Qc2skNMrr1iQ

Note: Firmware has to be downloaded from the above three links and then applied using different methods. These methods are detailed in the faq item below.

2) Via a OTA update - you can find this by going to the "update" App or via settings - System info - update.

Note: Firmware obtained via OTA is a automatic install (all you have to do is hit the update button and the unit will automatically download and update the firmware. The only downside is that as a general rule OTA updates are only available a few weeks after the download method above. But for the less experienced user , OTA updates are so much more simple to install.

Q: How do I install firmware updates for my A95x (s905x) Unit?

A: There are TWO ways to manually update firmware and one automatic method.
1)  Updating using the SD Card method. Here is a Video detailing the procedure:

2) Updating using the USB method. Here is a video detailing the procedure:

Forum user Yuval has written out the MANUAL firmware update procedure here:

a) To get to recovery mode - there is a reset button in the AV port. Use a wooden or plastic toothpick to access this (You may have to make the toothpick thinner if it wil not fit). The use of a metal item (eg needle or paperclip) is not recommended, as it may short out something inside your unit. Note: Not ALL Nexbox units have a reset switch. We have yet to find out why this is.
b) Power up your device by pressing (and holding) reset button found in AV port with the toothpick.
c) You should now see the Android recovery. If your flashing firmware because your box is not working correctly , you may be able todo at "factory reset" (one of the options) which may fix it for you. 
d) If you want to do a full firmware flash you will need to download the firmware of your Android tv box, for that you need to go to this website [url=] or here which is a good Nexbox Firmware repository:!F9xjTSSa!R0vJfTC2U6Qc2skNMrr1iQ
or send private message to the admin with your android  tv box configuration (like A95X android 6 2+16).  Copy this firmware to a directory on your Windows PC.
e) Extract the zip and then you will get a folder with the firmware and Folder named ”tool usb" (this is amlogic usb burning tool").
f) Now I would recommend you connect your Android tv box to power and connect a dual USB cable to the first usb port in the Android tv box and turn it on.
g) Run the setup (in “tool usb” folder) And automatically you will get a pop up with installation of the driver (Finish the installation).
h) Turn off the Android tv box and disconnect it from the computer.
9) Open “USB_Burning_Tool” And change the language to English on the second pane from left.
Click "file" and then click "import file" button, navigate to the firmware you downloaded ending in “.img”.
i) Below are the stop and refresh buttons, in Configuration, Check reset after success and then click start.
j) Turn on the Android tv box in Recovery mode and connect the USB cable to your computer.

3) Update Automatically Via a OTA update - see faq question above for more details.
See the video here - Youtube user Kodi Queen  gives a tip on how to perform the OTA update:

Q: The Power supply that came with my Nexbox A95x is broken , please can you tell me its specifications and also suggest a place to get a replacement?

A: Here are the Specifications:
The PSU has a POSITIVE central pin - see this diagram:
[Image: zsp7C.png]
The PSU must be a 5V 2A DC adapter with 1.7mm inner diameter, 4.0mm outer diameter barrel connection with center positive pin.

You can obtain a suitable replacement from Ebay. Here is a basic link , you may need to change it slightly depending on which country you live in to get the plug that matches your countries electrical connection requirements.

Q: When I use a EXTERNAL USB keyboard , there is always a extra character added when I hit the enter button. Is there a fix for this bug?.

A: Hopefully this will be fixed in a future firmware update. But in the meantime forum users Mcklane and Gatos814 , we have a temp fix:

1) Download the Zip located here: or here:!F9xjTSSa!R0vJfTC2U6Qc2skNMrr1iQ
2) Unzip the contents.
3) with a "root explorer" navigate to / system / usr / keylayout 
4) replace the Generic.kl with this one.
5) Reboot.

Here is what is fixed:
Here is the fixed : Generic.kl

it has key 28 ----> ENTER
and key 59 (F1) ----> POWER

Q: This very annoying icon has appeared on the right hand side of my device's screen , what is it?  and how can I remove it?.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=59]

A: This is caused by having the Android App "Es File Explorer" installed. It can be turned off in the ES File Explorer settings:

1) Go to "Display settings" in ESfile Explorer  and then "Other" and switch it off.

Q: Can anyone suggest a good Airmouse to use with the Nexbox?
A: The Following Air Mouse have been suggested by forum users:

1) LYNEC C120 2.4G 6-Axis Portable Mini Wireless Remote
Available here:

2) Mele F10 Pro.
Available here:
Note: When using the Mele F10 Pro , you need to alter a setting on the Nexbox in order for the sound to work - see FAQ item below..

Q: I have a Mele F10 Pro Airmouse , but the sound only comes thru the mouse itself , is there a fix so I can hear the audio via my TV?

A: Yes, follow the procedure below from Forum user Friz.

1) Enable "Developer Options":
a. Pull down on the notifications shade and open the Settings app. You can also achieve the same thing from the app drawer if you so wish.
b. Scroll all the way down and tap on ‘Device.’ 
c. Now scroll down again and you’ll see an entry labelled ‘Build number.’ Keep on tapping till you see a prompt that says ‘You are now a developer!’
2) Once Enabled ,Scroll down to the option: MEDIA - disable USB Audio Routing
3) Switch the button to ON ie Green.
Your F10 Pro will now work perfectly with the Nexbox  A95x (905x).

Q: What is the Maximum size of a USB external hard disk that has been tested working on the A95x?
Q: Forum users have tested the following sizes of External USB hard disks on their A95x's and have confirmed them working with a GPT partition formatted NTFS:


Note: We will update this FAQ as more sizes are reported working by forum users.

Q: What is the Maximum size of SD card users have tested and confirmed working in their A95x (s905x).
A: The Following sizes and brands have been reported tested and working by forum users:
1) 2GB (Do these even make and sell these now lol) formatted Fat32 - Worked perfectly on both read and write.
2) 64Gb (Nitro) Formatted both Exfat and also NTFS. worked flawless in both read and write.
3) 128Gb (PNY) - Formatted Exfat. Worked flawless both read and write.

Q: How do I change the Apps and Icons of the Home Screen?
A: Follow the procedure below...

To change the Icons it requires a "Long Press" of the central OK button on the remote that came with the unit. While having the cursor over the app you want to change. A selector box will then pop up prompting you to select one of the available apps.

BUT... As far as we know (so Admin say) , you cannot change the Kodi or Live TV icons or what they are assigned to..

Q: Is there a way to un-root my A95x (s905x) , just enough that apps that check for root will work on it?
A: Yes , thanks to forum user jfath , we have a procedure for this. all credit must go to him for providing us with this...


Unfortunately, more and more apps refuse to run if a device is rooted.  There is a new system-less framework and root method that will allow us to keep root, but hide all traces of root from most apps that require unrooted devices.

Magisk and Magisk Manager (by topjohnwu) are the  tools needed.

You can read about and download Magisk here:

I'm currently running this solution on several Nexbox A95X boxes with great results.  The installation process was:
Install TWRP
Boot into recovery and flash the Magisk flashable zip.
Reboot the system
Install the Magisk Manager apk downloaded from the Magisk thread
Start the Magisk Manager and enable Magisk Hide in settings
Reboot the system
(on the first reboot, I found I didn't have root, but it came back to stay after another reboot)
You can now use the Magisk Hide option from the Magisk Manager menu to choose which apps need root hidden

You can test your installation by downloading a root checker.  Run it - root should be found.  Use Magisk Manager to hide root from the root checker app, then run it again - no root should be found.

Magisk includes another powerful feature called resetprop that will allow you to set Android properties (including read only attributes) without editing build.prop.  This can be used to change any property and can be really useful if an app is trying to check build.prop setting to detect root or device type.

UPDATE Jan 3rd 2017......

Topjohnwu has released a new version of Magisk (v10.2)  that installs correctly on Nexbox.  There is no longer a need for the patched version I created and Friz made available in his repository.  The new version fixes a problem from v9 that caused the box to occasionally lose root requiring a reboot.

Install/Update Magisk Manager from play store
Start the app, it will tell you a Magisk update is available
Choose Install from settings and allow it to download and install the update zip
The installation will fail, but the zip will be left in sdcard/MagiskManager
Boot into twrp recovery and flash the update zip
Reboot and you're done.

For those not using Magisk, the really nice feature is the ability to selectively hide root from apps that refuse to run on a rooted device.

If you're installing for the first time, be sure to uninstall SuperSU by doing a 'full unroot' from the SuperSU setting menu.  Magisk v10 installs it's own version of SuperUser.

This can also be downloaded from the Nexbox Repository located here:!1pRABbbB!trrirP6uH9PyDPJJOHC2UA

Q: When I play video (either thru internal video player , MX Player or Kodi) , the screen seems very dark. Is there a fix for this.
A: Yes , there are three things you can try  in order to try and fix this..
1) Make sure you have the very latest firmware installed.
2) Forum Jazzman_84 posted this solution: Here is the solution of dark screen problem. You have to install SCREEN ADJUSTER and set contrast around -50. Also don't forget to turn on autorun in the settings (swipe from status bar). The only problem is that this app blocks install button (when you try to install any app). But if you are an experienced user and you have Xposed installed try also to install NoOverlayWarning module to disable this warning.
3) Forum user Ant21 posted this solution:

"Apparently this is a firmware issue and i have figured out a solution. The solution is not persistent and might be unique to my tv box and monitor setup only, so i don't know if it will work for anyone else
There is a video test file on the box which is part of the deviceTest diagnostics. Either run the device test and then do a video test or just find the video test file in the movies folder and run it using the built-in android video player.
Playing it through the installed Movie player or kodi or mx player does not correct the video color issue. Its not some special video file but playing it for even 1 second corrects the hdmi color mode.
Suspend resume doesnt affect the fix but upon reboot or shutdown the video has to be played again to correct the color mode."
If still curious, the test video is inside the movies folder in the root directory. The file which is also labeled as ' test' doent have any file extension, so it wont show up as a playable format. Therefore use a file explorer (which this box already have two of) and play as a video file and then select the 'video player' as the app to run it.
Alternatively, you could also just locate and run the devicetest app on the box which is also already installed. This app also has a shortcut programmed on the remote which is the options key (the key right above the keypad's 3 digit). Hold it for 3 seconds and the app will execute. Use the video test option to play the video.

Q: Can I use a Hub to add more USB devices to my Nexbox.
A: Yes , passive USB Hubs do work on the Nexbox , but it is recommended that you use a powered hub for best results.

Friz's Nexbox File Repository:!F9xjTSSa!R0vJfTC2U6Qc2skNMrr1iQ
Friz's Nexbox A95x (s905x), A1/A3 Facebook Page:
Friz's SmallRT X1 , X2 , X3 Facebook Page:
Good job. Thank you.
Thank you.
Hi Guys, This is a very huge contribution. Thank a lot
I've got my box hooked up but cannot get anything to work. how do I get kodi to work?

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